We have been hard at work getting all of this set-up and running.

Who knew there was more to making and selling frames than just making and selling frames?

The website we knew was necessary. Everybody has a website.

What we were excited about starting was an Etsy.com page. It is a really cool site that allows people like us, who make artsy things like frames or knitted scarves or hats, to sell their goods to others. It’s become very popular as more and more people choose to shop from individuals that can put more time and care into a product than a company that cranks out a bunch of the same product in a factory in Thailand (or Malaysia).

1 stop Dumpster Rentals

There is a real good sense too when you buy a sweater for your daughter and you know that a woman in Ann Arbor is making them, and this is how she makes some money on the side while her kids are in school.

It’s similar for us. We both have kids who are in school, and since we are not the kind of women who always find something to be worked on, and don’t want to spend too much time away from our families. This is the perfect outlet for our creativity, and we can make some money to put back for a rainy day.

Here is a link to our Etsy.com page. Check it out and feel free to offer any feedback you can.


Another site that is really picking up steam is Pinterest.com. It is an online pinning board. You can pin everything from recipes, to funny pictures, to home goods (like someones handmade distressed frames?). The fun part of this is connecting to other friends on the site and re-pinning things that your friends pinned. By doing that you are putting that item on your page to show friends what you are interested in. We pinned several of our frames the other day, and we have already had most of them re-pinned several times over! In some cases it is a friend who shows their friend who shows a sister (see how this can grow so quickly?).

We are encouraging all of our fans to pin whatever frames that you like, and feel free to pin as often as you like. We are looking get the word out as fast as possible.


Links again are:

Etsy.com (also in the navigation section of our site)

Pinterest.com (make sure to pin our frames)


Stay tuned for more frames.


Katy Nat




Well, that’s how the song goes anyway.

The women’s ministry at our church hosted a really cool event that we were proud to be a part of. It was for women who make artsy home goods, and it gave them the opportunity to show them off, and get the word out about what their hobby is.


Natalie showing of the goods.

We, of course, showed up with our frames. Some of them are being displayed in a shop in Mississippi, but we had more than enough to show the ladies that came out that day. We had several sales, and many others that we hope to be hearing back from soon. We most definitely will be attending next year.


Nice display table, but not big enough for all the frames we brought.


With a successful first showing behind us, we are now getting ramped up for Christmas and taking orders. We have some frames in inventory that we can ship immediately. If you are looking for a custom order, we are recommending that you do so before the 8th of December to give us enough time to make the frame and get it to you before Christmas. We are looking at a 14 day turn around right now, but the earlier you order the faster we can get them to you.

Natalie's husband got fancy, and made a slideshow on his iPad of all our frames so far. People really seemed to like it.


Several of our most popular frames.



Ok. So here is the new series we are working on. As before, they can be made in all different sizes, but the ones shown are 5×7’s and 4×6’s. We are calling these “Birds of A Feather”… Kinda cheesy I know, but that’s the joy of this is we can have fun with it.

We are working some more “earthy” frames that we will be ready to show soon. (Maybe that set will be called “Earth, Wind, Fire”… That would be too cheesy even for us.)




Nat Katy

We have been very busy. Katy and I have been working on our first frame designs all week, and last, and now are ready to reveal our first series of frames. We are calling them “Pretty In Pink”. Obviously not all are pink, but we thought it sounded good.

There are just 5 for now but we are going to be putting some more designs out soon. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Etsy.

Thanks so much for the kind words of support! Katy and I are so happy that people are fans of our frames. Make sure to tell your friends.



Katy Natalie

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We want to welcome you to the new site. Our names are Katy and Natalie, and we have a love for all things craftsy. We live in Nashville with our beautiful families and friends to keep us company.

We decided to start this site after our husbands gave us a gentle “push” to take our creativity to the web. We have a great love of distressed frames and furniture. We are constantly painting our kids feet/hands to make ghosts for Halloween, and turkeys for Thanksgiving.

While we don’t think paper turkeys would sell very well online, we are very confident that you will love our frames.

With that, we want to welcome you to our site, and invite you to look around. Feel free to email us with any questions.



Katy Natalie